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early-thanksgivingWhat kind of food did people grow
 and eat in the Waxhaws nearly two hundred
 years ago? What kinds of vegetables and meats sustained the lives of our region’s early settlers? How did
 they preserve and store the crops they grew 
and feed the animals they raised?

The Museum of the Waxhaws answers these questions, by 
demonstrating period agricultural methods 
in its Heritage Garden, which is part of the Homestead vignette. 

Some of the vegetables and fruits from the 
garden are raised from original seed-lines 
from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Heritage Garden is a big part of the Museum field trip tour.  Children learn about agricultural science, nutrition, and catch a glimpse of how the settlers sustained their lives and maintained their farms by growing their own foods in a garden.  As an extension to learning about how the food was grown, visitors will see how the foods were stored, and prepared.  Cooking demonstrations take place inside of the Secrest Cabin during our special ‘Living History’ Saturday events.